1964 Roosevelt Dime

1964 Roosevelt Dime

The 1964 Roosevelt Dime represented the final issue of the series issued for circulation with a composition of 90% silver. This year also marked the highest production for the 90% silver portion of the series with more than 900 million struck at Philadelphia and more than 1.3 billion struck at Denver, exceeding the previous highs [...]

1963 Roosevelt Dime

1963 Roosevelt Dime

Although the 1963 Roosevelt Dimes struck for circulation at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities have high mintages and are common at most grade levels, examples graded MS67 or higher with “full bands” drive a significant premium. This is one of several conditionally scarce dates, which become the focus of higher end collectors. The top [...]

1962 Roosevelt Dime

The 1962-D Roosevelt Dime saw production reach the highest level for the series to date at 334,948,380 pieces. This finally exceeded the mintage of 255,250,000 which was seen for the first year of issue coin struck at the Philadelphia Mint. The higher mintages make these coins readily available and most will trade based on their [...]

1961 Roosevelt Dime

In 1961, the annual mintage for proof coins struck at the Philadelphia Mint spiked higher. Growth in the popularity of the product had resulted in continually escalating mintages since the re-introduction in 1950. From the humble production of just 51,386 sets in the inaugural year, production reached 3,028,244 sets for 1961. Accordingly this is the [...]

1960 Roosevelt Dime

The 1960-D Roosevelt Dime saw a mintage of just over 200 million pieces. For the series to date this marked the second highest mintage, only falling short of the first year of issue. In the ensuing years, mintage levels would spiral even higher as the need for circulating coinage increased. The Philadelphia Mint struck dimes [...]

1959 Roosevelt Dime

The 1959 Roosevelt Dime was produced for general circulation at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. The high mintages for this year keep the issue extremely common and most pieces will be valued based on the silver content of 0.07234 troy ounces. Gem uncirculated and higher pieces, particularly those examples displaying full bands on the [...]